First Potentially Annual/Bi-Annual Cross GeoV Bowling Challenge

A good-natured challenge has been floated by Admiral Hohensee aboard the USS Nathan Hale (with support of Flt Capt Wilson aboard the USS Firelace, and Commander Cook aboard the USS Rochambeau). Potential to have some fun in at your local Bowling Center (this will allow all chapters to participate without having to try and get all chapters in one place) and compare your chapter score with others.

We’re looking at making this an Annual or perhaps a Bi-Annual challenge depending on reception


3 games – ONLY Assigned on board crew (rank irrelevant) please; (try to limit teams to 6)
Avg score of all three games – printout or photo (sent to Admiral Hohensee) to prove the claim (please make sure to show or include names of those participating just for the record)

Rewards: Bragging rights (for at least the next year, if we organize this again next year), possibly a small plastic trophy engraved with year (it’s a FRIENDLY competition, lets have some fun with this!!)

Final Details: Send in your chapters AVG Score proof by January 31 (we realize the holidays are upon us, so lets allow a large window for individual chapters to organize this in their own chapter)

  • A.AH – Modification: Cadets are allowed to be members of the bowling team.
  • FltCapt.W. – Skilled bowlers not required (this is meant to be fun, we don’t care if you bowl an irregular 50 or 300, come laugh and socialize)
“The Federation Bowling Challenge – Best Avg 2016”