Annual Geo 5 Bowling Challenge

Ok, Here are the Rules for the 2017 Bowling Challenge.
Each member of the chapter is qualified to participate, there is a personal choice for each member.

  1. 6 person teams, No limit on a number of teams per chapter.
  2. 3 Games bowled per member/team. Average the scores for each team
  3. Average the scores for each team for the chapter.
  4. Send scores and averages to Admiral Allen Hohensee (Admiral of Operations)
  5. Winner will be selected based on highest chapter average.
  6. Trophy value $.50 Engraved with winning chapter’s name and year.
    1. Engraving is not done professionally.

Chapters at this time have elected to join in the fun are as follows

  • USS Nathan Hale (Previous Champions)
  • USS Rochambeau
  • USS Gene Roddenberry
  • USS Firelace

2016 Winner: USS Nathan Hale.

2017 Winner: ??


-Admiral A. Hohensee
-Admiral of Operations
-USS Nathan Hale, Commanding.